County Party Leadership

The PWCDC leadership consists of five county-wide officers and a vice chair for each of the three congressional districts that cross Prince William County. The Immediate Past Chair also serves as a non-voting member of the Steering Committee for one year after leaving office. Officers are elected every two years during the party reorganization that takes place in January of even years.


Position Name Phone email
Chair Don Shaw 703-565-7846
Senior Vice Chair Margaret Franklin
Recording Secretary Heidi BruMar
Corresponding Secretary Joseph George
Treasurer Linda Daubert
1st CD Vice Chair Steve Dixon    
10th CD Vice Chair Mansimran Kahlon    
11th CD Vice Chair Ernestine Jenkins    
Immediate Past Chair Harry Wiggins    


Our Executive Director, David Pala, can be reached at

The PWCDC also has seven subordinate geographic committees based on Prince William County's magisterial districts.