'Lights for Liberty' Vigil

On Friday, July 12, The Prince William County Democratic Committee’s Immigrant Caucus hosted a candlelight vigil to protest unjust treatment of immigrants.

On July 12, the Prince William County Democratic Committee's Immigrant Caucus hosted the local 'Lights for Liberty' event and vigil at the Harris Pavillion in Old Town Manassas. More than 200 people attended the vigil to raise awareness of the conditions in immigrant detention facilites in the United States. Legislators and candidates, such as Sen. Jeremey McPike and Del. Elizabeth Guzman, spoke to the crowd about the overcrowded and inhumane conditions occuring within the immigrant detention centers. Additionally, individuals such as Josh King, Lisa Zargarpur, and Raheel Sheikh shared their migrant stories and experiences and the actions that must be taken to stand up to injustice. Across the United States, thousands of demonstrators gathered to protest inhumane conditions faced by migrants.


For more information about the event, please read: Prince William, Manassas Residents Participate in Lights for Liberty Vigil for Immigrant Children at the Border